Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Iconic Portrait #3 “Rouge”, FB Buzz & Updates!

Lots of productivity in the studio again this week! I made 2 batches of paper, a few curio books, a bunch of junktiques and a few more inches progress on my super tacky leg warmers! Plus, I finished my third “Iconic Protrait”!

The timelessly beautiful Marilyn Monroe was the subject of this latest piece and she was so inspiring to paint  =) Striking in shades of grey but I had to add just a touch of “Rouge”

 She comes ready to hang in a custom frame designed and handcrafted by me so its 100% artisan handmade! For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here!

Ive got the next 2 icons all sketched out and ready for the canvas, cant wait to get started =)

Im giving away free prints on my Facebook page! 

 You knew you “liked” my page for a reason ;P For more details, click here!

Ive also just posted a Facebook exclusive HALLOWEEN auction! 

I do these special auctions on my Facebook page to show my appreciation for my awesome supporters. They start at $0 with no reserve price so everyone can have a chance! Its a great way to great a good deal on all sorts of art, lots of which is otherwise unavailable. For more details on whats currently up for bids, click here!

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