Friday, September 30, 2011

Iconic Portrait #4 & Alberta Arts Days Exhibit!

Hey guys! I just wanted to squeeze in a quick update before my exhibit this weekend, plus I finished my 4th “Iconic Portrait”!

Overboard and self-assured, oh, no, I know a dirty word… I really enjoyed the soundtrack for this one =) Every Nirvana album reverberated off the studio walls while I painted this, as well as a few interviews and documentaries. Made me a bit nostalgic too as he was a rather large influence during my troubled youth. Ahhh…to be 13 again!

It took me a while to create a frame for him but I ended up being quite happy with it. Its all handmade by me I even cut & bent the metal corners =) New creative outlets for me!

For more details, pictures and purchase info click here!

Now, Alberta Arts Days!

This is a province wide event which celebrates the arts in ALL its myriad forms. Its about getting everyone involved & inspired regardless of age or artistic ability. I will be displaying my paintings (ofcourse) as well as a number of other artforms I enjoy such as fiber art, handmade paper, jewelry, woodwork etc. I will also be doing painting demos, art classes and kids crafts! Lots to see and do-something for everyone! Price points for everyone too! $2, $5, $10, $20 and 5 silent auction items starting at $0! Come down and see me at the high River Library Friday evening and Saturday 909 1 ST SW High River, Alberta More info n stuff here =)

And as always:

Hope to see you at the show!  
Mad Love