Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Original Painting "Beguile" 4 new ACEOs, Stamps & Updates!

Productivity abounded in the studio this week! I hated school as a kid now it is my savior! The muse was good to me during my uninterrupted studio time and I gave her every minute I could spare…

First off, a fun circus themed piece I doodled out at the tattoo shop one night. The painting experience for this was awesome… so many colors and I was blairing Alegria by Cirque du Soleil almost the entire time! I also have a “Bohemian” playlist that fit perfectly for just such an occasion =)

“Beguile” (and beguile me she does…)

The original ready to hang mounted piece is for sale in my Etsy shop, for more details & better pictures click here!

Next, I LVE ACEOs! They are such an awesome way to accomplish something in a fraction of the time. Perfect for experimenting and getting ideas out quickly! Plus theyre small and I love little things! (insert penis joke here) I had a bunch of ideas sketched out and was so thrilled to bring them to life on canvas! All Halloween themed =)

Each of these creeps is looking for an unconventional and understanding home where they will be able to flourish. If youre up to the challenge, click here for more info on adoption proceedings ;}

Third, new stamps have been released! I just got a bunch in the mail and theyre AWESOME! Theres a bunch of designs to choose from and theyre great for all kinds of crafty projects (cards, scrapbooking, tags, stationary etc.) For more info, visit my official stamp page

To all you Facebookers, Im putting together a special HALLOWEEN themed auction which will be available exclusively to my Facebook fans! If youre not already a “liker” go here and make it official!  Halloween auction will be up shortly!

Check out these links to find my:

Im in the process of finishing up my latest “Iconic Portrait” and cant wait to show her off! Until then…

Mad Love