Monday, January 16, 2012

New Painting, 8x10 Print SALE & Sketchbook Project!

Hey guys and happy 2012! I hope everyone had an AWESOMELY restful and overindulgent holiday! I always feel like I need a holiday after my holiday but I think Im back on track now. As “on track” as I get ;)

8x10 print sale! All of my professionally printed 8x10 fine art reproductions are buy one get one free! That’s 50% off! I am happy to sign & personalize them upon request =) Have a look through mygalley to see if anything catches your eye! 

Buy one get one free makes them $5 each! Message me via any of my sites or directly with the titles and quantities you want =)

Im just about finished my book for the 2012 Sketchbook project! It didn’t seem too daunting a task in the beginning… 3 months to complete 32 pages; cake, right? NOPE! That stubborn ass muse just isn’t happy til she sees me sweat… It got right down to the crunch but Im glad to say its almost done-next time I wont sign up for it during the holiday season. It was a cool project tho…helped me expand my horizons! My book will be viewable online, at various exhibits during the 2012 world tour and finally at its new home in the Brooklyn Art Library. More details coming soon! =)

 Working on some 2012 art goals, trying to get out of my own box and sofar its proving to not only be effective, but inspirational! Ive decided to set a different “challenge” for myself each month and Januarys little dare has been to keep all focal points off center, avoid head on angles (my usual) and any conventional positions. I get so surprised when something turns out that I tend not to stray too far from the tried and true formula…but it really carves me out a nice little rut. A cozy rut which I may never leave, so my other half has decided to help me get my ass in gear!

Oh ya…I have a new painting! After a long and excruciating title fiasco I have dubbed her “Refuse” which I hope leaves room for at least a few interpretations…

She is for sale in my Etsy shop in one of my custom handmade frames but you can also buy her unframed for half price. For more details n stuff, go here

Well I think that’s about all the madness I care to share…so, until next time…

Mad Love