Monday, April 02, 2012

March 2012 Summery, New Butterfly Collection, FB Auction, More!

This month I finished one full sized painting (not including commissions), 3 new ACEOs (which marked the beginning of my new “Lepidoptera” series), posted my first Facebook exclusive auction of 2012, started a bunch of new “Iconic Portraits” (mosty classic movie stars), booked a couple of venues for the summer, and I updated my Zazzle shop! I definitely slacked off on my monthly art challenge but I was working on a few home improvement projects (like the new toilet seat) so I forgive me ;}

 This is my new toilet seat! Isnt it classy? It matches my cabinets!

Here are the first 3 images in my brand new Lepidoptera Collection. 3 original ACEO sized paintings featuring beautiful butterflies and contrasting floral/nature themed backgrounds. 

 Lepidoptera #1 and Lepidoptera #2 are for sale on eBay starting at just $5 and the 3rd one is being auctioned off on my Facebook page…

I wanted to make my first Facebook Exclusive Auction of 2012 special so I put the call out for some feedback on what YOU would like to see up for bids, and, based on those replies, this is what I came up with! Its all original one of a kind art (Including #3 in my new “Lepidoptera” collection) and, as always, bidding starts at $0!

I also updated my Zazzle shop with lots of new products! Ive even included a few rarer images from my art journal thanks to all the positive feedback and much appreciated requests =)

Ive got big hopes for April and hopefully lots more time to dedicate to them. My monthly art challenge is to increase image complexity so just when I think a piece is complete, I must add an additional detail or layer. Looking forward to not screwing up on that one! Stay tuned on my FB page for pics!

As always: