Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Art Summary, 4 New Paintings, LE & Color Edit Prints, Image Tubes & Summer Itinerary!

New image tube representation, 4 new paintings, zazzle update, show & event info, random color edits and limited edition prints!

First off, Im very excited to announce that Ive just signed with Creative Design Outlet! If youre into digital art & tagging, they’ve got everything you need and I am thrilled to be included amongst so many of my favorite artists!

 Ive got 2 image tube packages available with much more to come! Click here for more info!  
I love to see what people come up with, if you’ve created something using my image tubes please share them with me! Here are some examples.

Im sure loving these adventures in realism, it’s a whole new artistic discipline. This is my second portrait of Marlene Dietrich, I plan on a few more still… easily one of her most striking and iconic images, her face reminds me of a porcelain mask… Iconic Portrait #9 “An Evening With”

The original has been sold but she is available as a fine art print (in various sizes) as well as on a variety of merchandise in my Zazzle shop!

Limited edition hand embellished prints! 

These professionally printed 4x6 fine art reproductions are hand embellished by me with metallic accents! The uniquity of an original piece and the affordability of a print! I am happy to sign/personalize these upon request =)

I often wonder how my paintings would look if I chose different colors, now I know! Ive been playing with random color edits and I thought Id print a few of these rarities and share them!

I completed 2 new installments in my Lepidoptera collection, numbers 5 & 6. Both have sold but postcards are available through Zazzle!

Angel of Music you’ve deceived me… I adore Andrew Lloyd Webber and The Phantom of the Opera. This piece was inspired by that line from the original score, and the entire piece was painted while I got lost in the soundtrack. 

One of my darkest and most expressive pieces to date She comes ready to hang and is for sale here! 8x10 prints are also available =)

Show season starts for me in June and Im so excited! Ive got a whole bunch of new creations Ive been DYING to show off! Ive got 16 or so venues booked over the summer so Im looking forward to seeing a lot of you guys out there! Ive posted an itinerary here (click “see more” in the biography section) I will keep it updated as new dates and events are confirmed =)

Don’t forget to visit me on eBay, new stuff listed (almost) every day!

Keep your eyes peeled! The winner will be randomly selected and announced on my Facebook page June 1st!

All the best…

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April 2012 ART Summery, PROMO & Updates!

Commission projects have taken up a lot of my time this month but I did manage to finish a new Iconic Portrait and another installment in my Lepidoptera series. Ive also been busting my butt getting ready for all the summer art shows! Ive done lots of 3d art too… scarves, rings and tons of junktique jewelry! (I have the scars and burn blisters to prove it) Plus I finished up my noteswap letter, managed to post a couple of Facebook exclusive auctions, and came up with a new little promo to show my appreciation for my FABULOUS supporters =)

Lately when I do my iconic portraits Ive been having a really hard time picking just one quintessential reference image… These people are just too dang beautiful! So, Ive decided to paint every image I like! I will end up with lots of these so Ive decided to auction them off unframed (but still ready to hang!) and YOU get to choose the price!

The first of my unframed “Iconic Portraits” is Ms. Marlene Dietrich from “The Devil is a Woman” and I have titled her exactly that. 

She sold first thing this morning but prints are available upon request =)
Ive been adding lots of new items to my eBay every week so be sure to check it out

The Note Swap project through The Art House Co-op was just too cool an idea for me to pass up! I wrote my little spiel on some funky repurposed paper and sent it off. 

 My artsy letter will be exchanged with another artist somewhere in the world and I cant wait to see what comes back!

I did a couple Facebook exclusive auctions this month and I tend post them randomly on my page. These are a great opportunity to get previously unavailable and/or one of a kind art stuffs at awesome prices! 

The fourth installment in my "Lepidoptera" collection! 

 Lepidoptera is the Latin/Greek word which describes a wide range of moths and butterflies. And I plan for this series to be unique and extensive =) This tiny ACEO sized objet d’art sold quickly but prints are available through Zazzle or directly through me!

And finally… I kinda plan for this to be an ongoing thing but May is going to be the trial run! For the entire month of May, every item you purchase either in person or online, comes with a ticket. Each ticket counts as one entry into a monthly draw. The winner will be drawn at the beginning of the following month (June) and announced on my Facebook page! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the winning announcement! The prize will be one 8x10 print OR five ACEO prints of your choice! Just a small way for me to say thank you for the support!