Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Art Summary, 5 New Images, Shows, Tubes & more!

Limited Edition, Hand Embellished, one of a kind ACEO Fine Art Prints. Iconic portrait #10, Art shows, Butterflies, commission projects, Image tubes & Day of the Dead painting…

I have just launched the release of my new limited edition, one of a kind, 1 of 1 ACEO prints. Every time I complete a painting I will print just one ACEO which I will personally hand embellish with acrylic paint. I will also title, number, sign and date the back. These will be very unique, one of a kind collectors items! Ive got a few listed right now and I will be adding more so keep an eye out =)

The Summer Fine Arts Festival which I joined last minute went off without a hitch! I was so happy to be included in this event which really showcased the incredible talents of so many amazing local artists, musicians, singers, dancers and performers of all ages! Its always nice to get out from behind the computer and showcase my work face to face. All of the feedback and support is so inspiring

I finished the 7th and 8th installments in my Lepidoptera collection, number 7 has already been sent to its new home where it will join a few of its fellow lepis but I just finished number 8 last night and it is for sale here

I do have prints of both available and ofcourse my Zazzle shop is stocked with Lepi merch =)

I worked on a really cool commission portrait piece this month, a Fathers Day gift. 

The entire family was incorporated, including the 2 pet pugs in full out 80’s He-man style!

New image tube package released with Creative Design Outlet! 

The insatiably classy Audrey Hepburn…what an icon! This is my first painting of Audrey and I chose one of the most famous images from her role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffanys. This is numeroux ten in my Iconic Portraits series “Moon River & Me”.

The original has been sold but 8x10, 5x7, 4x6 and ACEO prints are available including original one of a kind limited edition hand embellished fine art reproductions.

"Calavera” This piece was a while in the works. It came together slowly amid various interruptions and distractions but I am so happy with how it turned out! A bit different from my usual but still mondo MAGISTERIAN style, for some reason I like to breed the Day of the dead and Mardi Gras themes…they just bleed together so beautifully Anyway, this is what finally emerged! 

The original is for sale, unframed but ready to hang, for more details & purchase info, click here.
The one of a kind hand embellished ACEO print has also been released and is for sale here.

I did the High River farmers market this week, kicking off the first of four dates I have booked for the summer season (June –September) Its just a short 3 hour show but me and my guys have set up and tear down mastered! While I cant compete with the vendors selling fresh produce, llama jerky or hutterite bread, I hope to at least offer something different and unique! I am also doing the Nanton Farmers Market on Saturday June 30th, another short show but a very eclectic community! Come down and check it out =)

And finally, my July art challenge is to experiment with and use more texture! I cant just paint something pink, it has to be pink velvet. The grass has to be green and hairy, skin smooth, hair silky, leaves wrinkly etc. I am hoping to increase the depth and complexity in each new painting.

I think that’s all for now…Stay ferocious!