Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Art Summery & Update!

My Sketch-A-Day challenge this month should have been more aptly named Sketch-A-Every-Other-Day but that’s ok, it was still a challenge and it got me sketching! I posted a number of these on my Facebook, as I said theyre not meant to be perfect or mindblowing- just a good opportunity for experimentation! 

October was a good month for making plans and starting new initiatives! Im working on lots of new ideas for a themed show this spring and I will also be doing a portrait painting class this winter! More details to come! If youre interested in participating email me at and get your name on the list early =)

No art shows this month so I was able to dedicate all my time to painting! And getting ready for Halloween!!! …and I did lots of both!

“VonDracula” He vants to suck yourrrr blood! My last Halloween piece of the season =) 

He is for sale here.

This was my demo piece for Alberta Culture Days so if you came by the exhibit you probably saw me working on it! The magnificent Liz Taylor in “Diamonds and Velvet”, #14 in my Iconic Portraits series. 

The original 5x7 painting is still available here.

I also managed to make time for something in my traditional style, inspired by tribal fusion elements “Hope”

She is for sale here.

This one truly is better in person! No matter how I edited the digital image I just couldn’t get it to resemble the original. I tend to have that problem with blues and purples…I decided to explore a moon goddess type theme and this is what emerged…“Majesty”

She is for sale here.

Finally, Kate Beckinsale as Princess Anna Valerious from her role in Van Helsing “Van Anna”. This was the most intimidating Iconic Portrait Ive done sofar… It’s complexity was a bit outside my comfort zone plus she is one of my favorite characters of all time!

I just finished her yesterday and the original is for sale here.

Most importantly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 
Stay safe & pig out! I know Im gunna ;D

As always, 

Watch for the winning announcement on November 1st!

Stay ferocious