Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Art Summery & Update!

2013 is off to a great start! While the first few months are normally pretty quiet for me, I am thrilled to be busy with multiple commission projects. Lots of thematic variety and new challenges! I’m also working on new themes and ideas for my upcoming solo show in April.

My studio renovation was a big endeavor this month. As handy as I like to believe I am, it turns out I SUCK at drywalling/mudding/taping. It’s certainly not perfect, (yet) but it’s proving to be a productive space and it’s really nice to have a more functional finished studio.

It was also exciting for me to start livstreaming! I got a new a new webcam from Santa and have been having fun painting “live”. It’s been awesome to paint and chat with online friends across the globe!

I kicked off the year on a positive note with my first piece “Storms Pass”. She began as a doodle in my Art Journal and quickly evolved into a finished painting.

I love the sky after a storm, the depth and contrasting colors. For me it symbolizes the beauty and calm which balances the turmoil. This too shall pass...and indeed it always does- The good and the bad.

The three doves, trinity, past/present/future, beginning/middle/end, mind/body/spirit, birth/death/rebirth, represent freedom and possibilities...hope.

And of course the winged messenger... Enjoy the moment while it lasts, because this too shall pass.

For more details or purchase info, please visit the listing.

I did some livestreaming with this piece. You can watch me paint her here.

…and if you don’t have time for all that, you can watch the whole process from start to finish in just 4 minutes in this time-lapsed video I made. (Loving that new webcam, thanks Santa!)

In between commission projects, I also managed to start a funky new piece with a bit of a Valentines theme “Dubious Romance”. I love the concept of applying human emotions and “life” to inanimate objects. “Bio Mechanics” as it were, I’ve always been a bit of an animist.

I’ll be finishing her up over the next week and you can watch me paint here.
I also managed to add some scribble sketches to my art journal. These are fun because there are no mistakes!

Well, I’m off to finish up a few projects, be sure to keep an eye out on Facebook for "in progress" pics!

Stay ferocious!