Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Painting, New Hand Embellished ACEOs & more!

Hey guys!

I’ve finished a new painting, been busy with commission projects and released 4 new one of a kind hand embellished ACEOs.

First, highly collectible hand embellished ACEOs! When an original painting sells I specially hand embellish a single ACEO print-only one will ever be made! 

Click the images for more info!

Second, My latest painting! Something in the distance…wonder? Danger? What lies ahead? Not even the cunning fox knows…“Transfixed”  

For more details or purchase information, please visit the listing!

Finally, monthly art challenge! I set these at the beginning of every month to give me something new and different to focus my work on. These challenges are meant to expand my comfort zone and increase my skills & abilities as an artist. This month’s challenge: To include something I’ve never drawn before in each painting. I’ve already got a cool new piece sketched out and can’t wait to get started! Make sure to visit my Facebook page for in progress pic’s and sneak peeks! 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

INSPIRED! 10 tips to entice the elusive muse.

A few of my tried and true methods...

1.       Purge! Clean out and organize. Nothing like it to get the chi flowing!

2.       Free association writing. Don’t think, just write. Write down anything and everything that immediately comes to mind. Be honest and don’t worry about anyone else reading it. Just get it out. It’s amazing what you’ll discover about yourself!

3.       Maintain balance in your life by nurturing yourself on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Focusing too much on one area will pulverize your muse. So go for a walk, do a crossword puzzle, hug yourself and believe in something!

4.       Avoidance and procrastination kill inspiration. If you’ve got something nagging at you, JUST DO IT! Nothing induces a sense of accomplishment like tackling those pesky tasks head on.

5.       Don’t let your inner perfectionist thwart you! It’s art. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. (Very important, and often overlooked)

6.       Between books, magazines, music, movies and the internet there should be no shortage of inspiration. Visit the bookstore/library, take in a show, Google your favorite themes/genres etc.

7.       A lack of inspiration can often be attributed to stagnation, so get moving! Do something/anything different (easier said than done, I know) but do it anyway. Gallivant down the street. Put on a fake mustache and go to the grocery store (this is especially effective for us chicas). Guys, put a bow in your hair! ;D Anything to break the monotony...If nothing else, it’s good for a laugh and gives you stories to tell.

8.       Wait it out. (I know, I know, it’s the genius answer you’ve been waiting for) The ocean of creativity ebbs and flows just like everything else in life. In the timeless and often referenced words of Beavis: “You have to have stuff that sucks to have stuff that’s cool”.

9.       Create in any way you can. If the usual mediums aren’t sparking an inspirational fire, try something new! Rearrange your furniture & bric-à-brac, make a fancy meal, work in your garden, make something cool to hang in your car, fashion a new outfit, paint your nails (especially effective for the dudes), start a scrapbook or art journal, write a short story or poem.

10.   Dare to experiment! Be unconventional. Make messes.

Hopefully this sparks your imagination! What do you do to get inspired? I’d love to hear your ideas, suggestions or experiences, please share in the comments section below!

For those it serves...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Paintings, Print Releases & more!


Lot’s of painting happening in the studio this week, I finished up a few commissions, did a funky new painting, started my next “Iconic Portrait” and thought up a brand new series! (more details to come) ;)

First, February Print Releases!

Click the images to order prints!

Second, I’ve had lots of commission projects on the go this past month, here are a few of the latest…

Fourth, I finished a new painting! A bit different than my usual but still laced with MAGISTERIAN style! I stumbled across this photo of a rooster, 

what a fabulous and underrated creature! The colors more than inspired me but I’d rather paint eyes than roosters so bred the two and here’s the offspring: “CockEyed”.

The original ready to hang 9x12 painting is currently for sale, for more details or purchase info please visit the listing.

Finally, Happy Valentines Day! May fat, naked, armed cherubs come at you with ridiculous amounts of love! …and gifts! ;)


Friday, February 08, 2013

20 Art Journal Prompts

I love my art journal! It is one of my most powerful and therapeutic tools. I fill it will all sorts of stuff and usually break the bending before I’m even halfway through it. Here are a few of my favorite techniques.

Art Journal Prompts

1.       Create an entire page with your least favorite color.

2.       Do a scribble sketch. Perfect the art of imperfection.

3.       Create a two page spread titled “My Imagination”.

4.       Use every medium you have available on one page (apply fixative and/or gesso in between layers to prevent mediums form bleeding/smearing). Think outside the box! They don’t need to be conventional art materials. =)

5.       Think of two contrasting things that have nothing to do with one another and combine them into a single cohesive vision.

6.       Collage a self-portrait from magazine pages.

7.       Draw a picture with washable markers then blend it all together with a waterbrush.

8.       Devote a page to your favorite poem and include it in the design.

9.       Draw or paint on a piece of newspaper, sheet music or a page from an old book. Glue it in your art journal.

10.   What’s the most challenging thing for you to draw? Draw it.

11.   Create an image on colored paper.

12.   Add quotes to your pages, use fancy fonts and glittery markers.

13.   Doodle, doodle, doodle, until you’ve filled the entire page. Pick your favorite component and expand/improve upon it.

14.   On a two page spread focus one page on your strengths & pro’s (your good twin) and one page on your faults & con’s (your evil twin).

15.   Draw a picture on black paper with white pencil. Keep the blacks black and the whites white. (This is an excellent exercise in “negative thinking”).

16.   Write out your deepest, most honest, raw thoughts & emotions. Re-write over them half a line space lower (overlapping the lines) so no one can ever discern what you’ve written. (I find this technique to be especially liberating).

17.   Draw or paint on a transparency and tape it into your art journal.

18.   Find a nice picture in a magazine, cut it in half and glue it in your art journal. Recreate the other half of the picture with mediums of your choice.

19.   What’s your deepest, darkest secret? Communicate it in a cryptic way, with words, images, colors, symbolism etc.

20.   What’s your dream? Communicate it in a clear way with words, images, colors, symbolism etc.

Don’t have an art journal? Why the hell not?!? Start one, right now!

I hope some of these ideas spark your inspiration! Do you have a favorite prompt of your own? I’d love to hear it, please share your ideas in the comments section below =)

For those it serves... stay inspired