Friday, February 08, 2013

20 Art Journal Prompts

I love my art journal! It is one of my most powerful and therapeutic tools. I fill it will all sorts of stuff and usually break the bending before I’m even halfway through it. Here are a few of my favorite techniques.

Art Journal Prompts

1.       Create an entire page with your least favorite color.

2.       Do a scribble sketch. Perfect the art of imperfection.

3.       Create a two page spread titled “My Imagination”.

4.       Use every medium you have available on one page (apply fixative and/or gesso in between layers to prevent mediums form bleeding/smearing). Think outside the box! They don’t need to be conventional art materials. =)

5.       Think of two contrasting things that have nothing to do with one another and combine them into a single cohesive vision.

6.       Collage a self-portrait from magazine pages.

7.       Draw a picture with washable markers then blend it all together with a waterbrush.

8.       Devote a page to your favorite poem and include it in the design.

9.       Draw or paint on a piece of newspaper, sheet music or a page from an old book. Glue it in your art journal.

10.   What’s the most challenging thing for you to draw? Draw it.

11.   Create an image on colored paper.

12.   Add quotes to your pages, use fancy fonts and glittery markers.

13.   Doodle, doodle, doodle, until you’ve filled the entire page. Pick your favorite component and expand/improve upon it.

14.   On a two page spread focus one page on your strengths & pro’s (your good twin) and one page on your faults & con’s (your evil twin).

15.   Draw a picture on black paper with white pencil. Keep the blacks black and the whites white. (This is an excellent exercise in “negative thinking”).

16.   Write out your deepest, most honest, raw thoughts & emotions. Re-write over them half a line space lower (overlapping the lines) so no one can ever discern what you’ve written. (I find this technique to be especially liberating).

17.   Draw or paint on a transparency and tape it into your art journal.

18.   Find a nice picture in a magazine, cut it in half and glue it in your art journal. Recreate the other half of the picture with mediums of your choice.

19.   What’s your deepest, darkest secret? Communicate it in a cryptic way, with words, images, colors, symbolism etc.

20.   What’s your dream? Communicate it in a clear way with words, images, colors, symbolism etc.

Don’t have an art journal? Why the hell not?!? Start one, right now!

I hope some of these ideas spark your inspiration! Do you have a favorite prompt of your own? I’d love to hear it, please share your ideas in the comments section below =)

For those it serves... stay inspired