Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Paintings, Print Releases & more!


Lot’s of painting happening in the studio this week, I finished up a few commissions, did a funky new painting, started my next “Iconic Portrait” and thought up a brand new series! (more details to come) ;)

First, February Print Releases!

Click the images to order prints!

Second, I’ve had lots of commission projects on the go this past month, here are a few of the latest…

Fourth, I finished a new painting! A bit different than my usual but still laced with MAGISTERIAN style! I stumbled across this photo of a rooster, 

what a fabulous and underrated creature! The colors more than inspired me but I’d rather paint eyes than roosters so bred the two and here’s the offspring: “CockEyed”.

The original ready to hang 9x12 painting is currently for sale, for more details or purchase info please visit the listing.

Finally, Happy Valentines Day! May fat, naked, armed cherubs come at you with ridiculous amounts of love! …and gifts! ;)