Friday, July 19, 2013

I’m Baa-aack! New painting, Summer Art Festival & More From Natalie!

Hey guys!

I’m so glad to be back after a month long hiatus! The flood in High River ended up becoming a colossal clusterf*ck well beyond what anyone could have ever predicted. Regular life & routines are slow to return as most residents are still wandering around in a bit of a haze. While I am SO grateful to be back in my home, my heart breaks for and goes out to all those who are not. =( 
I have been trying in my own small ways to help raise money for disaster relief in High River. I did a sketch of the famous High River Medicine Tree and am selling laser copy prints for $10, all proceeds ($10 from each print) go directly to flood relief in High River.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, please email me for details!

During the mandatory evacuation I wasn’t able to access my home or studio for 10 days and once we were home again, it took a long time to get back into any form of creative headspace. I finally got back at it this week and it was a fix I needed!

“Stark” Hardened by the years, small, fleeting tokens of beauty…

Get a better look and more details here!

I’ve just confirmed a new summer festival date! August 10th in Turner Valley! (Millennium Park, Main Street) I will have a large booth with tons of original paintings and prints. This event was such a blast last year and I hear they have added a couple new attractions to the roster! I Hope to see some familiar faces there =)

I’ve got several new projects on the go so make sure to check in on Facebook for progress pic’s & updates!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hey everyone! 

As most of you know, my hometown of High River Alberta was hit with a devastating flood on June 20th. All 13,000+ residents were under a mandatory evacuation for 9 days and have slowly started returning to the community as the water levels recede and it becomes safe to do so. Many residents have yet to return to their homes as they are still under water. 

It is estimated the half the homes in High River are completely uninhabitable, the towns infrastructure is heavily compromised and businesses are struggling to start over. 

I am auctioning off original pieces of art to help raise money for High River flood relief and those most affected by this tragedy.


Please click here to see whats available!

On behalf of myself and the entire High River community, thank you SO much for your support!