Friday, August 09, 2013

New Paintings, Art Festival & More From Natalie!

Hey guys!

Art festivals and events abound, I’ve got one booked every weekend from now until October! I did a lot of shows last year aswell and wore out my displays so I’ve been working on some upgrades. Lots of new boards, hangers, bins (purple ones!), tent walls, anchors etc. Not very thrilling creatively but certainly exciting in terms of presentation! I’ve also been busy painting =)

This weekend I will be in Turner Valley’s Millennium Park from 10-3 for their annual art festival! I’ll be pitching my tent complete with all the new upgrades and selling my original paintings and prints. I’m trying out some new deals too so come get in on it!

Oh, ya…my Facebook page has moved! As you probably know, I recently decided to drop the “MAGISTERIAN” alias but unfortunately Facebook policies would not allow me to change my page name. Soooo…I had to forsake my old page (and 1000+ fans) and begin anew. But new beginnings are awesome…right?!? ;) Anyhoo…I really don’t want to leave anyone behind, I love my Facebook peeps! So pretty please, for the love of all things exultant, shimmering and beautiful- join me on my new page

Don’t forget to visit me on Etsy for the latest prints!

Thank you for following my artsy madness