Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New painting "Subdued", Prints & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Wowsers its been a long time! It may seem like I fell off the face of the earth but really Ive been toiling in the studio this entire time! Thanks to my two Yule exhibits I ended up with several commission pieces which have kept me happily busy for the month of December. Many thanks to those of you who came out to see me, your support makes it all possible

Its been over a month since my last non-commission painting and it was so much fun to get back to my (un)usual! Ive got a backlog of painting ideas now which is always nice, but “Subdued” was the first to emerge from the MAGISTERIAN…

 Ive got her all framed and ready to hang, infact shes hanging up in my living room right now! But shes also up for sale! For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here! If you would prefer a private sale or want to make special payment arrangements please contact me via =)

Ive also got 8x10 prints up for sale! All of my images are available as fine art prints and Ive posted a few of the most popular ones here! If youre looking for a specific image just let me know! They are professionally printed and ship direct from me to you! 
And dont forget about this...

 Lets get started on yours!

Well another year has come and gone… Im really looking forward to a few new endeavors in 2012, hoping to expand my comfort zone and polish up some of my rougher edges.

Warmest holiday blessings and all the best in the new year! Bring it on 2012!

 And as always:

Mad Love

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Santa Clause Fair & Skull Auction!

Hey guys,

Ive been SUPER busy with Yule gifts, commissions & shows Ive barely had time to think! But I did want to let you know about a few things...Like my new Facebook exclusive auction and my art show this weekend!

For the fourth year in a row I will be shucking my crap exhibiting my wares at the High River Yule Fair! Originals, prints, cards, journals, ACEOs, necklaces, pendants, lace bracelets, scarves, bookmarks etc. All designed and handmade by me! Lots of custom stuff is available too! Most of it is $20 and under so there is TONS of affordable stuff for everyone! The fair runs in conjunction with the Santa Clause Parade and goes from 3-9 on Friday evening and 10-3 on Saturday at the Highwood Memorial Center 128 5 Ave SW , High River, AB. Come out and say hi!
Ive put together a bunch of cool skull treasures and Im auctioning the lot of them off on my Facebook page starting at $0! 

Perfect stocking stuffers for the skull lover in your life or for yourself! Im keeping the auction short so I can get the stuff shipped off in time for the holidays so get your bids in before midnight on Sunday evening! Click here for details =) 

I think thats it for now, I need to get back to my painting, knitting and tatting projects! Better to be busy than alone with my thoughts...

I hope to see lots of you at the show!  I realize that for many of you its geographically impossible but theres always my Etsy shop! If you have something in mind and don’t see it there remember that Im happy to do custom work whether it be portraits, scarves, jewellery etc. =)

Mad Love

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Painting & Yule Fair Exhibition!

As of late it seems that Ive been super busy getting nothing done. Its hectic season for me, Ive got 2 Yule shows in the next 2 weeks, numerous projects on the go and Im also working on a few commission pieces. I feel busy but I haven’t had much time to make anything that I can share…so I was super excited to finish up this latest piece =)

I envy this woman, her voice and her beauty… Number #6 in my Iconic Portraits series, the majestic Tarja Turunen as “Dark Star”

 This 100% artisan handmade piece is for sale in my Etsy shop! For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here.

For those of you who are not familiar with online shopping or would like to make special arrangements please message me as I am happy to accommodate various purchase methods and payment plans. You can contact me through EtsyFacebook or email

I also offer commission portraits for people and pets!

Now, for some holiday buzz, I really love this event! For the 3th year in a row I will be exhibiting at the annual “Light Up Okotoks” Yule fair! Im really looking forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting even more new ones. As I hope you know, it is always my goal to have something in EVERYONEs price range! Ill have ACEOs, bookmarks, mini journals, holiday cards, framed and unframed prints, (all of which are under $20) as well as original paintings and a variety of my handmade jewelry and scarves. All sorts of intriguing eccentricities! The festivities commence at 3:00 pm on the afternoon of Friday November 18th and go until around 9:00 pm. Then it recommences Saturday November 19th from 10:00-4:00. Elks Hall 62 Elizabeth st. Okotoks, Alberta.
Give the gift of one of a kind!Come out and say hi!

Remember to vote with your dollar this holiday season! Support your local artisans, small businesses, merchants and manufacturers

And as always:

Mad Love

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Even Zombies Have Feelings…Free stuff, FB Auction & More!

Multiple projects on the go! Im working on my sketchbook project Ive got 32 pages to fill and 3 months to do it. Not a HUGE crunch or anything but one that could easily be pushed to the wayside and neglected til its too late. Don’t want that! Also, cranking out some ACEOs this week and I finished a new painting! A nice break from all the convention of 3 realism portraits in a row…

Something I know a little about, a gruff exterior and mushy insides…

Painted in acrylic and mounted on one of my handmade frames =) She is for sale in my Etsy shop! For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here. But that is not all, oh, no, that is not all! Don’t have or want an Etsy account? No problem! I am happy to accommodate =) Think you need a credit card to shop online? NOPE! I accept payment via PayPal (credit cards, debit & e-cheques), money order or cash (in person) Message me via Facebook or with any questions or to make special arrangements =)

I finally finished volume 4 of MAGISTERIANs Musings last week! Each volume always seems to be a long process but its a very therapeutic one! Packed with my mad ramblings, art, quotes et cetera, each book comes with a full color ACEO print and a hand written page =) I am auctioning off the very first copy on my Facebook page! It also comes with a few of my circus freaks and a beloved paintbrush… GO HERE for more details or to place a bid =)

All of my Facebook auctions are done in appreciation of my amazing friends, fans and supporters They start at $0 with no reserve so everyone can have a chance!

This is the last week to snatch up really cheap image tubes! The licensing company that creates my image tubes is closing November 1st and they are having a HUGE blowout sale! Everything is 50% off for the month of October! Click here for details!  

Want to win a free 8x10 print of your choice? Have a look through my galleries on Facebook or Deviant Art and find the painting titled “Deadly Night Shade”. The first person to email me with the correct year that it was painted will win! The year is stamped right by my signature on each painting, if you cant make it out check the date stamp on the photo. The winner will be notified via email and announced on Facebook!

And as always:

Mad Love

Friday, October 07, 2011

Elvis, Image Tube BLOWOUT, Halloween Auction & Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me for Alberta Arts Days! I love seeing you and getting all your comments & feedback. Thank you also to the newbies who signed up for the mailing list, BEWARE! I mean…WELCOME ;)

For those of you who were there you saw me working on Elvis. He is #5 in my Iconic Portraits series and was the demo piece for my live painting session on Friday night. He was so much fun to paint! I put on my 50s playlist and totally got into the zone. I was also quite inspired by the framing options, the shape of which ended up resembling a combination of a 50s jukebox mixed with a cathedral radio.  In any case, I feel it really captures the essence of the era and the personification of the man. I hope you like it!

He is currently for sale in my Etsy shop. For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here. Don’t have or want an Etsy account? No problem! I am happy to accommodate =) Think you need a credit card to shop online? NOPE! I accept credit cards, debit & e-cheques via PayPal, money order, or cash (in person) Message me at with any questions or to make special arrangements =)

Want to commission me to paint an icon of YOUR choosing?

 Attention taggers, hobbyists & graphic designers! The licensing company that creates my image tubes is closing November 1st and they are having a HUGE blowout sale! All of my image tubes are 50% off for the month of October! 

Gohave a look and see if anything piques your fancy =) They have TONS of amazing art and artists!

Finally, Ive got a special Facebook exclusive HALLOWEEN auction ending tonight! Bidding is still very reasonable =)

Happy Thanksgiving! Have an AWESOME long weekend =)

Mad Love

Friday, September 30, 2011

Iconic Portrait #4 & Alberta Arts Days Exhibit!

Hey guys! I just wanted to squeeze in a quick update before my exhibit this weekend, plus I finished my 4th “Iconic Portrait”!

Overboard and self-assured, oh, no, I know a dirty word… I really enjoyed the soundtrack for this one =) Every Nirvana album reverberated off the studio walls while I painted this, as well as a few interviews and documentaries. Made me a bit nostalgic too as he was a rather large influence during my troubled youth. Ahhh…to be 13 again!

It took me a while to create a frame for him but I ended up being quite happy with it. Its all handmade by me I even cut & bent the metal corners =) New creative outlets for me!

For more details, pictures and purchase info click here!

Now, Alberta Arts Days!

This is a province wide event which celebrates the arts in ALL its myriad forms. Its about getting everyone involved & inspired regardless of age or artistic ability. I will be displaying my paintings (ofcourse) as well as a number of other artforms I enjoy such as fiber art, handmade paper, jewelry, woodwork etc. I will also be doing painting demos, art classes and kids crafts! Lots to see and do-something for everyone! Price points for everyone too! $2, $5, $10, $20 and 5 silent auction items starting at $0! Come down and see me at the high River Library Friday evening and Saturday 909 1 ST SW High River, Alberta More info n stuff here =)

And as always:

Hope to see you at the show!  
Mad Love

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Iconic Portrait #3 “Rouge”, FB Buzz & Updates!

Lots of productivity in the studio again this week! I made 2 batches of paper, a few curio books, a bunch of junktiques and a few more inches progress on my super tacky leg warmers! Plus, I finished my third “Iconic Protrait”!

The timelessly beautiful Marilyn Monroe was the subject of this latest piece and she was so inspiring to paint  =) Striking in shades of grey but I had to add just a touch of “Rouge”

 She comes ready to hang in a custom frame designed and handcrafted by me so its 100% artisan handmade! For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here!

Ive got the next 2 icons all sketched out and ready for the canvas, cant wait to get started =)

Im giving away free prints on my Facebook page! 

 You knew you “liked” my page for a reason ;P For more details, click here!

Ive also just posted a Facebook exclusive HALLOWEEN auction! 

I do these special auctions on my Facebook page to show my appreciation for my awesome supporters. They start at $0 with no reserve price so everyone can have a chance! Its a great way to great a good deal on all sorts of art, lots of which is otherwise unavailable. For more details on whats currently up for bids, click here!

Follow the links below to see my:

Mad Love

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Original Painting "Beguile" 4 new ACEOs, Stamps & Updates!

Productivity abounded in the studio this week! I hated school as a kid now it is my savior! The muse was good to me during my uninterrupted studio time and I gave her every minute I could spare…

First off, a fun circus themed piece I doodled out at the tattoo shop one night. The painting experience for this was awesome… so many colors and I was blairing Alegria by Cirque du Soleil almost the entire time! I also have a “Bohemian” playlist that fit perfectly for just such an occasion =)

“Beguile” (and beguile me she does…)

The original ready to hang mounted piece is for sale in my Etsy shop, for more details & better pictures click here!

Next, I LVE ACEOs! They are such an awesome way to accomplish something in a fraction of the time. Perfect for experimenting and getting ideas out quickly! Plus theyre small and I love little things! (insert penis joke here) I had a bunch of ideas sketched out and was so thrilled to bring them to life on canvas! All Halloween themed =)

Each of these creeps is looking for an unconventional and understanding home where they will be able to flourish. If youre up to the challenge, click here for more info on adoption proceedings ;}

Third, new stamps have been released! I just got a bunch in the mail and theyre AWESOME! Theres a bunch of designs to choose from and theyre great for all kinds of crafty projects (cards, scrapbooking, tags, stationary etc.) For more info, visit my official stamp page

To all you Facebookers, Im putting together a special HALLOWEEN themed auction which will be available exclusively to my Facebook fans! If youre not already a “liker” go here and make it official!  Halloween auction will be up shortly!

Check out these links to find my:

Im in the process of finishing up my latest “Iconic Portrait” and cant wait to show her off! Until then…

Mad Love