Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Iconic Portrait #7, WIP Movie, February Art Challange!

Januarys art challenge proved to be an awesome experience so Im totally hell bent on setting and following these monthly quests. It’s a great way to stir things up and get some new ideas! Februarys art challenge is to use unconventional papers for all of my artistic endeavors. This means NO white paper for the entire month! Ill be posting pics of these artistic pursuits to my facebook page so stop in, say hi and check it out =) 

I just finished “Iconic Portrait” #7…the dazzling Greta Garbo, such an enigmatic beauty I really couldn’t choose between the two images, so I used both…

For more details, better pictures and purchase info, click here.

If an original piece of art isn’t in your budget or you prefer prints, please know that they available upon request =) 8x10’s are only $10!

I took lots of pictures throughout the painting process and managed to restrain myself from posting them to my works in progress album…It was tough! I HATE not sharing stuff ;} But Im glad I held out cuz now I have this, far more exciting specimen to share!

Im still hard at work on my Art Journal…enjoying every minute of it! Lots of new ideas and techniques emerging! =)

Back into the creative abyss…

Mad Love