Friday, March 16, 2012

New Painting "Sassy Dame", WIP Video, Other Random Art Projects!

Wowsers! Long time since my last update! Ive been super busy with art stuff just not a whole lot of it happening in the studio. Ive undergone a few larger projects this past month, like painting all of my kitchen & bathroom cabinets! All of the old white laminate is gone, replaced with multicolored chaise patterns =) 

 I also finished up my sons treasure chest…Id been tripping over that for months! 

Lots of Spring cleaning and sprucing up around chateau VonRaven! Yay for Spring and its ensuing productivity!

Ive been working on commission paintings, things are picking up at the tattoo shop, Ive managed to prep ten or so of the next Iconic Portraits and… I just finished this, in keeping with my March art challenge of no conventional skintone colors:

“Sassy Dame” comes ready to hang and is for sale in my Etsy shop!

I also made a little video of the process, best 30 seconds EVER! ;P

Other than that, Ive started working on my “mini manor” (AKA, Dollhouse) I love miniature stuff ...

 battled a wicked bout of Strep throat, went to see Lord of the Dance, and threw a totally kick ass party! Its been a crazy busy/productive month…hopefully it keeps up!

Mad Love