Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Art Summary & Update!

My Art challenge this month was to keep it dark and creepy…I think I was successful!

“Part of me” 

Had a blast painting this one! I really feel a particular affinity with it, perhaps I secretly long for a mowhawk…Id do it too if my hair didn’t grow so ridiculously slow. She truly is much better in person, sharper contrasts, deeper hues and more discernible details. The original painting is currently for sale, for more details click here

“We All Fall Down”

The doctor is in…Such a creepy medieval icon. Plague doctors were brought in to help the sick/dying during epidemics. They were clad from head to toe with heavy waxed fabric and wore these horribly sinister masks. The beaks were stuffed with straw to filter the air and scented herbs/flowers to neutralize the miasmatic “bad air”. They weren’t masters of their craft either…often they were second rate, inexperienced and otherwise incapable of operating conventional medical practices… Check up anyone?

The original ready to hang piece is for sale hereIf original art isn’t in your budget, you can score an 8x10 fine art print here!

I had a BLAST at the Mountain View Arts Festival this month, met so many AWESOME people- Hoopers, Bellydancers and VIKINGS! 

It was awesome to see so many familiar faces aswell! Thanks to everyone who came out and made it such a success  

I am thrilled to announce that my work can now be purchased at White Raven in Didsbury, Alberta! This is an awesome art emporium jam-packed with original pieces of art and all sorts of other treasures! Exclusive carrier of MAGISTERIAN merchandise in MountainView!

Billy Butcherson…a lesser known but equally awesome Hocus Pocus co-star! I love this character =) He was so fun to paint, I just let loose and kept it gross! 

THE ORIGINAL “Maggot Museum” painting can be purchased here. Prints are available through eBay and upon request =)

Well this one was a great endeavor, Septembers magnum opus! It took about 8 hours longer than I planned…but I figure, its three faces so it took three times the effort =) This is one of my Favorite Halloween movies and I love these ladies! “Damn Damn Double Damn” 

For more details or to purchase click here!
Again, if an original is not in your budget, I also have 8x10 prints available

Great Yule gifts!

Finally, I am very excited to be collaborating with the High River Centennial Library (High River feature site) for the fourth year in a row in celebration of Alberta Culture Days! 

I will be exhibiting and demonstrating my works on Friday and Saturday (September 28th & 29th) so stop by & check it out! Lots of other cool interactive stuff happening in and around town so its sure to be a fantastic weekend! Something for everyone & free to all!

As always, 
Keep your eyes out for the winning ticket announcement on October 1st!

Stay ferocious!