Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Painting, Print Release, Art Reception & More From Natalie!

Hey guys!

It’s finally starting to feel like spring here and the home improvement/spring cleaning instincts have hit. We’re in the process of installing a new novelty floor! I finished a new painting inspired by one of my favorite artists, been teaching art classes and looking forward to the VonRaven Family Art Reception!

First up, April print release!


 For more details or purchase info, please visit the listing!

Next, my latest painting! I’ve always liked Michael Godard’s art, how could you not! I often visit the art gallery and enjoy his work. I had the opportunity to meet him a few weeks ago and being surrounded by all of his creations inspired this painting:

“Nod To God…ard”

The original painting is currently available in my Etsy shop! For more details or purchase information please visit the listing!

As for anyone in the Calgary/High River area, please join us for our closing art reception from 5-7 on Friday April 26th at the High River Library! 909 1 St SW, High River, Alberta (403) 652-2917. 

Over 50 pieces of art are on display from Dominic, Natalie and Lucian VonRaven! There will be a silent auction and a free print draw! All three artists will be in attendance!

Finally, the re-flooring project has commenced at chateau VonRaven! We’ve gathered up almost $60 in pennies and about 50 old keys with which we are re-tiling our bathroom floor. Here’s the progress sofar: 

Yay for home improvements!

Thank you to all you sassy eccentric's who follow my artsy madness!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Painting, New Studio, Art Reception & More From Natalie!

It’s been a really exciting week for me because I got another studio makeover, finished a painting and got to meet one of my favorite artists, Michael Godard!

First up, my new painting “Familiar” This piece was initially inspired by the magical magpie. We have a lot of these guys in our neck of the woods but they don’t seem to get much attention. I really liked how they played them up in Snow White and The Huntsman, they are such beautiful creatures. I am very fortunate to have a few pristine specimens in my feather collection. 

A spring pixie and her familiar nestled deep within the majestic fairy forest.

Please visit the listing to find out more!

Next, my new studio space! After a huge initiative in January to drywall/mud/tape/paint my studio I ended up moving to a new room completely. It’s awesome! I’m right by the window as opposed to being in a room with no window at all. I’m also in the recroom nook so I’m not cut off from the rest of the household.

The icing this past week was a Friday night meet & greet with Michael Godard! He was kind enough to sign a wine glass for me and a jar of olives.

Standing in the gallery surrounded by his work the inevitable happened… INSPIRATION! My next piece will be a glass clinking, olive sporting dame which I have already titled “A Nod To God…ard”. If we’re connected on Facebook you’ll get to see the progress pic’s this week!

Finally, VonRaven family art exhibit at the High River Library!

All three VonRaven’s will be at the High River library for a closing reception meet & greet on Friday April 26th from 5-7 come get your butt signed! ;) Just kidding, we don’t do butts. But we would like to meet you! Come down for free refreshments and check out the display. 909 1 St SW, High River, Alberta (403) 652-2917